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Zyto Scans available by appointment with Angela M.

 Midtown Exchange Holiday            Dance and Pot Luck Supper
                   for Individuals and Families
2015  Holiday Invitation
 Saturday, December 19
              4:30 to 8:30 pm

     The organizers will be offering: Relaxation Tips
               to De-Stress through the Holidays
                                    presented by:
                     Angela Minacapelli, MS Ed.                                                                    and    
      Rev. Mary Anne,  Holistic Minister Practitioner

Angela will be diffusing Christmas Spirit TM  essential oil. Pure Essential Oils are a key solution to the challenges facing modern lifestyles. 

POTLUCK FOOD ITEMS TO BRING: healthy veggies, dips, snacks, deserts, main dishes, pastas etc.
paper products and utensils will be provided. 

Please Note:   Bring your own non-alcoholic drink. 
                       This is a sober environment

Children welcome with parental/adult guardian supervision 

Pay at the Door:  Individuals $2.00 and families $5.00

Please RSVP on for further details for address of dance and full details, register at:

              a State of Awesomeness.......FitnessFamilyFaithFun

Following the aspirations of the Oola Guys, you will learn the 7 areas you need to Balance  and Grow to live the Life of your Dreams.

The Oola Guys: Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahlat the Live your Dream Tour, Rochester, NY
owner of Mille Grazia, Inc. developed the Oola Dance Series
Join our Midtown Exchange, Essential Oils and the Arts Meet up group. October 24th first Oola Dance: Theme “Fitness”, casual dressOur first Oola dance will be related to our "Fitness" journey. For some, it will be the beginning of incorporating fitness into our daily lives; while for others we can evaluate how to kick it up a notch or add something new or different to our fitness regimen. Midtowners must make reservations by responding via an The exact location of lodge will be sent to Midtowners who RSVP.  Midtowners may invite one friend to the dance.After the short talk by Angela will throughout the evening will lead a group dance and also free style dancing. We have a professional Finger Lakes Region Pro DJ who will provide the music. 
     Mille Grazia, Incoffering education and entertainment

Disclaimer:  The contents of this website are meant for educational purposes only. It is not meant to treat, or diagnose any condition and is not a replacement for a diagnosis by a licensed medical professional. The opinions expressed are purely that of Mille Grazia, Inc.  and not that of Young Living Essential Oils.PAST EVENTS: Presents Series One movement in a dance interpretation and performanceSankofa, Garth Fagen, and Mounafanyi
Photo, School of the Arts, RCSDTango Café’ Downtown RochesterRochester, New York   14608             Sponsored by mille grazia:   for furhter info  

We will provide an overview giving points of reference to oils in historical Egypt and Biblical references. Discover the significance of oils used in the scared Egyptian Temple and the sacred incense offered in the Jewish Temple.  Find out the oil that was used by both Tutankhamun and Jesus. We will discuss the modern day usages and applications of Young Living’s essential oils to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of essential oils. The presenter received a spiritual enlightenment through an anointing with Frankincense oil. 
                     Creating Healthy HomesYoung Living Essential Oils products create additional benefits “beyond green”   L
                                                                           Summer sights, sounds, and scents                   & Lady of the Oils         Webster Park to the right of the lake                            view pavilion         
Body-Mind-Spirit Event  
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