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Here is an open invitation for you to explore essential oils to support healthy lifestyles for your family  helping with wellness and optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. For pets too! 

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Oola Dances
Join our Midtown Exchange, Essential Oils and the Arts Meet up group. This is for Current Young Living Members on the Mille Grazia team and people new to Young Living Essential Oils and looking to become a Young Living member

GO TO MEETUP.COM  http://www.meetup.com/Midtown-Exchange-Essential-Oils

Next Meet Up: Saturday, Oct. 24th. 6:30-9:15PM.
Our first Oola Dance: Theme “Fitness”, casual dress
Angela and Mary Anne will begin the evening with reporting news about the Oola Guys who were in Rochester, NY recently on the Dream World Tour. They gave an inspirational talk on the 7fs (themes beginning with the letter f).   Themes: Faith, Fitness, Finance, Friends, Family, Field, Fun.   The themes are infused in the Oola Life Path with essential oils specifically formulated for these 7 themes. There are wristbands for each theme. The wrist band for each dance is encouraged as individually we commit to a particular theme for the month that will be on-going in our lives.
Our first Oola dance will be related to our "Fitness" journey. For some, it will be the beginning of incorporating fitness into our daily lives; while for others we can evaluate how to kick it up a notch or add something new or different to our fitness regimen. 
Important Details: 
Midtowners must make reservations by responding via an email to our Organizers by Oct. 22th to pay the earl bird price of $7 ticket at the door.   On the evening of the event, Midtowner members may purchase a ($9.00) ticket at the door.  The exact location of lodge will be sent to Midtowners who RSVP.  Midtowners may invite one friend to the dance.
After the short talk by Angela and Mary Anne, throughout the evening there will be a group dance and also free style dancing. We have a professional Finger Lakes Region Pro DJ who will provide the music. Oola Fitness wristbands will be available for purchase along with light snacks, hot tea and ice tea beverages. .Only cash accepted for ticket payment and other purchases. Photo taking only allowed with permission of participants. In the future, we may have a professional photographer and videographer who will offer services providing photos at a cost. For any questions, please message the Organizers.
Get your Oola Path On!  See you there.


                                             Midtown Exchange
Presents Series One
“Breath of Life”
Experience the energy of Young Living Essential Oils through
movement in a dance interpretation and performance
by Jean Michael, Professional dancer with
Sankofa, Garth Fagen, and Mounafanyi

Photo, School of the Arts, RCSD

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Time:  2:00 pm
Tango Café’ Downtown Rochester
35 S. Washington Street
Rochester, New York   14608
             Sponsored by mille grazia: finegifts@millegrazia.com




The Ancient and Modern World of Essential Oils. Embark on an exploration of “Nature’s Living Energy”, essential oils; from ancient times to our modern day age.  

We will provide an overview giving points of reference to oils in historical Egypt and Biblical references. Discover the significance of oils used in the scared Egyptian Temple and the sacred incense offered in the Jewish Temple.  Find out the oil that was used by both Tutankhamun and Jesus. We will discuss the modern day usages and applications of Young Living’s essential oils to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of essential oils. The presenter received a spiritual enlightenment through an anointing with Frankincense oil. 

TO RECEIVE THE 24%  off the retail price sign up as a member/distributor
As a wholesale member/distributor  you are not obligated to sell. We can share the oils with family, friends, and acquaintances. When someone asks you how they can purchase the oils, you will be able to give your member number.
Mille Grazia  team offers phone support, and  educational classes.
We appreciate our customers too. Customers can become a member/distributor or a  remain a customer. 
Customers pay retail 

 Natural Heath and Wellness. 

Imagine having more energy and clarity!
Physical, emotional and spiritual well-being with a change of lifestyle is what we teach. Also available is Reiki Treatment  with Application of Essential Oils.

                                           Creating Healthy Homes
“Going Green? “
Young Living Essential Oils products create additional benefits “beyond green” 
 September 15, 2014

Know what is in your “Going Green” product purchased from retail stores.  Learn to differentiate between a marketing ploy vs. an actual “Green” product. Young Living essential oils provide support for the immune system.   Do you have bioaccumulation concerns.
email:  finegifts@millegrazia.com

                     Finger Lakes Health & Wellness
In Lieu of an entrance fee
Donations at the door benefit
Richmond Fire Department
Saturday, July 26, 2014
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
8741 Main Street, Honeoye, New York
Ancient Essential Oils
Natural Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and Safety
To create a Healthy Home for Adults, Children , and Pets
Learn how essential oils can be vital tools in realizing optimum health
Craft Activities Corner for Children


    You are invited to attend a potluck supper. Bring your favorite foods
Bring a dish to pass
Harp sounds and Essential Oils
        Summer sights, sounds, and scents 
    Ms. Harpie, AKA Ivanna Gabrielle        
                  & Lady of the Oils
                    Sunday, August 3 at 3:00 pm til dusk 
         Webster Park to the right of the lake view pavilion
 Bring a chair and your favorite dish to pass.  Christina will be playing her Harp, Mary Anne will talk about essential oils and their Vibrational frequencies. Come enjoy the beauty of the lake, the sound of the harp, and the scents of the essential oils. Bring a friend! Bottled Water and paper products, forks etc will be provided       Please RSVP 
The Sound of the harp will vibrate a part of the inner soul of that person’s being.  It will ignite within the spark of light that is part of their divinity

SUNDAY, JULY 13TH 10 am-5pm
Body-Mind-Spirit Event

1:30 - 1:45     Meetup group of:  Gary Snyder Reiki Share and Thought Exchange & Visual  Meetup
****2:00 - 2:30      BARN: The Vibrational Frequency of Essential Oils for calming mind, body, and spirit

Finger Lakes Health & Wellness
In Lieu of an entrance fee
Richmond Fire Department
Saturday, July 26, 2014
8741 Main Street, Honeoye, New York
To create a Healthy Home for Adults, Children  and Pets
Craft Activities Corner for Children
-Believe with Young Living Oils, Kathy and Matt Mincer, Proprietors; look forward to serving you with products and accessories: Diffusers,  Essential Oils, Necklaces, Personal Care Products, Thieves Household Cleaner
Speakers and Holistic Practitioners, Demos, Raffles,

The Wellness Lifestyle Meet Up

Thursday, June 5, 2014

                                SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014
                            Ancient Essential Oils 



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